Sergeh Farhadnejad

• web lover • full-time learner •


I'm an LA guy through and through, even though I wasn't born here. I've been raised out here since I was less than a year old. Like everyone else that lives in Los Angeles, I say I hate it, but deep down inside, I'd probably never move anywhere else. There's just so much to do, so much to see, and so much to experience.

I love to eat! I love going to different restaurants - my favorite meal is a good steak. Best steak I've had has been at N9NE Steakhouse in Las Vegas.

I love to watch TV. I'm a fan of all the LA sports team, except the Clippers. I also find myself a bit behind when it comes to watching all the great TV shows so I end up "binge-watching" to catch up. The most recent examples of this were Dexter and Breaking Bad. And just for the record, hated how Dexter ended and LOVED how Breaking Bad ended.

I love to work. Professionally, I spent several years managing a retail store until I decided it was time I do what I truly love. I always had interest in computers and wanted to spend more time learning about web development, but due to my work schedule, I could never devote the time I wanted to. I thought long and hard and decided that I would go back to school and study web design & interactive media at the Art Institute of California, Hollywood. I felt this was the best way to leave the retail world behind and take a giant step into a new industry. While in school, I found an internship at Caspian Services Inc., a local design shop in Glendale. Most of the projects involved WordPress so I spent a lot of time developing templates and creating content. I also updated other sites that were just build on pure HTML and CSS. The internship eventually turned into a paid job and I am currently still there.